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About Us

There are a LOT of t-shirt companies out there. So why did we decide to open another one? 

The proverbial “we” in the previous sentence would be my husband and me. Yes, Going ApeShirt is a “mom and pop” shop, even though we have no kids and this store is our only baby. We come up with the designs or look for the ones that speak to us. We made the website, we print the shirts, we handle social media, we’re the models (in some pictures). When you call, you talk to us. We’re not a big, faceless corporation, this is us:


Back to the question of why a t-shirt store: because if you're like us, the t-shirts you wear reflect who you are, what you think and what you like. You might be a Potterhead web developer who loves to work out, like me. Or a gamer who quotes movies, loves Rock music, and reads every piece of news out there, like my husband.

Each of us is made of many pieces. We all have more than one passion. Thus, we create t-shirts that reflect ours, knowing that many of them are also yours.

So, whether you're into games, sci fi, animals, fitness, movies, programming, music, philosophy, conspiracy theories or all of the above, we're sure you'll find something in our virtual shelves that will show one or many sides of you.  

Come back soon; we add new designs often.